James Whittemore hitting a drive golf

Tip time: Want to crush your drives? Try my simple tips to improve your distance…

Want to crush your tee shots!? Follow these simple pre swing principals to give yourself the best chance of hitting that booming drive:

  • Wider stance – Butch Harmon (image below) showing a wide base gives you the stability to give it a rip!
  • Spine angle – Let your spine ’tilt’ away from the ball.. Leaving your lead shoulder higher. This will encourage an ‘upward’ strike on the ball giving you the best chance to launch it up in the air. 
  • Grip pressure – Try not to strangle the club, but also don’t get too loose! Imagine on a scale of 1 – 10 (10 being tightest) we want to be somewhere between 5 & 7 to give us the best chance of letting your wrists hinge and that ‘release factor’ when hitting making impact with the ball.

Put these in place next time you tee it up to get the maximum out of your drives!


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