Testimonials: Feedback from my students

Want to know more about what my clients think? Here’s what they have to say:

“The process has been a bit of a surprise to be honest. His teaching style is simple and focussed. We work on one specific aspect of my game at each session, either on the range, in the studio, or indeed playing on the course. I never get 20 things to think about, just one or two key points which I can actually cope with! Every session is followed up by video analysis and practice thoughts via the CoachNow application. I find this an invaluable reference aid for guiding my practice sessions. 

After 18 months of working with James I’ve knocked 4 shots off of my handicap and shot my lowest ever gross round in a competition. I can’t recommend James highly enough.”

Jim Nolan – Member of WGC

“It’s been really great fun and rewarding. I always look forward to the lessons.

I started as a rank novice and have progressed to a handicap of under 17, even though I’m now in my seventies!”

R. Rowlatt – Member of WGC

“Genuinely my biggest regret was that I did not get lessons year before because the amount of enjoyment I have seen on the course has increased dramatically. This is backed up by the fact I have recommended James to a number of my friends, they also enquired how I had improved greatly over a short space of time. I liked the fact that there was video feedback of my swing from our lessons and that I could send videos of my swing to James from my own practice.

Also there was no tearing down of my swing as such. It was very much a case of improving what I was already used to and finding ways for this to become the norm for me. That in itself put me massively at ease as even though there were many adjustments to make, these became natural for me very quickly. It was also put into terminology that was simple for me to understand. I also enjoyed the variety of practice methods, be that on the course, on the range or on the putting green.”

Jordan Godfrey 

“Working with James over the past 6 years has been a thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding experience; importantly he has helped my golf improve, reducing my handicap by over 10 shots at WGC.

James is always enthusiastic and encouraging during my coaching sessions, quickly understanding what the most important change is for me, helping me become a better golfer.

Regular commitment to James’ programmes at the time of year that suits me, has heled me to improve my golf continuously & sustainably.

James’ teaching process introduces small changes to suit your level of golf, which with committed practise between coaching sessions, become habit thus enabling your golf to improve.

Whether I had my coaching in the studio, at the practise field, the practise green near the 8th fairway or on the course, James’ sessions have all been focussed on improving my game and have never felt like they have been lifted out of a coaching manual – just excellent!”