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Hi, I’m James Whittemore

James has been at Wellingborough Golf Club since 2008, his role has changed from being an assistant professional to becoming head coach.

James’s purpose and passion is to improve people’s golf. He has been running successful performance based coaching programs at WGC for a significant time always working with what YOU the golfer needs/wants. 

Using the latest launch monitor technology from Foresight Sports, the latest video analysis from Swing Catalyst and keeping up to date with modern day coaching methods through CPD (Continued Professional Development) is an integral part of what makes James one of the top coaches in the county. 

James believes that every golfer has different needs and will strive to find the best way which works for the individual. James coaches elite performers right through to complete beginners. 

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Where will lessons take place?

Sessions will take place at Wellingborough Golf Club at either The Slips practice ground, our indoor studio, or playing lessons and ground sessions on the course. You do not need to be a WGC member to sign up for my performance plans.

For outdoor coaching at the slips, I have a HD camera system which highlights the qualities and flaws of your swing. Combined with my expertise it is a perfect combination to get the most out of your game.

At the indoor performance studio we use GC2 Simulator software & C Swing systems for video analysis, with a two camera system for capturing ‘down the line’ & ‘side on.’ The GC2 gives you on-ball data the indoor studio as a whole is a fantastic facility giving me the best of both worlds with the two coaching facilities in place.

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