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Tip Time: Sick of duffing your pitch shots? Here’s my top tip!

Pitch shots. That in between distance from full shot to chip shot can always be a tricky one.. One of the most common errors i see with my guys and gals is we stop the rotation in the body. Look at the images below.

The these images show me just ‘flicking my wrists’ and keeping my head down throughout the strike as ‘i have to keep my eye on it.’ WRONG… Keeping your head down restricts body rotation which encourages you to ‘flick’ at the ball.

Now look at these 2 images below. My body turns through the ball and i don’t flick my wrists. 🙂 

So next time you play those awkward shots…

Want to see how to control the perfect pitch shot? Watch my video!

Happy pitching #TeamJW

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